Drug and substance abuse is a real menace that is destroying our modern society. People from all walks of life are struggling with addiction every single day without any hope for recovery or rehabilitation. It may be you or a person you care about that is suffering silently with their addiction to alcohol or drugs like meth, cocaine, heroin or even prescription pills. Well, if this is the case, it is good to note that all hope is not lost. You or any other person that is affected can get help from our inpatient drug rehab in Ohio.

picture of a drug rehab session in our Ohio facility

Let’s face it, overcoming drug and substance abuse is not an easy task. Many people have tried to overcome their bad habits in the past and very few people are usually successful. The best possible solution for overcoming your drug or substance addiction is getting help and treatment from a drug rehab center. For many years now, drug rehab centers have been painted in negative light. Many people see them as places where only hardcore ‘junkies’ belong. This is a misconception and cannot be further from the truth. Anybody who is struggling with alcoholism or drug addiction can seek help from any our rehab or detox centers in Ohio. Recovering from addiction is very important and therefore you cannot afford to neglect to get the help you need.

Benefits of Inpatient Rehab

When you or any other person dealing with addiction chooses to enlist in a inpatient rehab facility, they are usually taking the first and biggest step towards full recover. This big step does not come without its fair share of benefits. First and foremost, at our Ohio inpatient rehab, you get to have quality time with yourself in order to reflect and focus on your life without any distractions. This is extremely crucial to your recovery process. You also get undivided attention from medical specialists and other professionals who walk with you throughout the course of your recovery.

The best inpatient rehab center will offer an ideal program that suits your specific needs and requirements. Treatment is specific to you so that the chances of relapsing or reverting to your bad habits are significantly reduced.


How Much Does It Cost?

The cost of treatment at inpatient drug rehab center mainly depends on the type of program you enlist for and the extra services provided. This means that the cost of treatment can range from free or low-cost treatment that is subsidized by the federal government to higher-cost treatment that includes various additional treatments and some extras for increased comfort during your stay in the rehab facility. Cost, therefore, is not a major factor to consider when deciding to enlist into a rehab program as anyone, even those with minimal finances, can get help.

We have numerous inpatient rehab center that are strategically located across Ohio. We can assist you with locating a center that is most convenient and suitable to your individual needs and preferences. There are many ways you can pay for your treatment including through your health insurance cover. Other financing options can also be arrange. Just call us and we can guide you through the entire registration and payment process.

Flexible Payment Options

As mentioned, paying for your rehabilitation or the rehabilitation of a loved one should not cause any problem as there are various options provided for this. Some good news on this is that you do not have to incur all charges pertaining to your rehab treatment. Obamacare or the Affordable Care Act requires that all insurance providers offer coverage for patients seeking treatment for drug addiction as well as mental health problems. This legislation has made it very easy for people to access rehab treatment programs at an affordable price. All you need to do is check with your preferred inpatient rehab of choice in Ohio and find out just how much of your treatment costs can be covered by the insurance company.


How Long Does The Treatment Take?

For inpatient rehab, treatment may last anywhere from a couple of weeks to some months depends on the severity of the addiction. An important thing to note is that, success rate for drug addiction recovery significantly rises with length of treatment. What does this mean? It basically means, the more time you devote to overcoming your addiction and getting better, the lower your chances of relapsing or going back to your previous bad habits. The treatment program may take some time due to the mandatory detox that has to be done in order to get rid of all harmful substances in your body.

All in all, enrolling into an inpatient drug rehab in Ohio is the best decision you can make for yourself or a person you care about. Contact us today to find out more about this!



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